Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Morning Zaanse Schans

"Morning Zaanse Schans", The Netherlands. Inspired on the sun rise paintings by Claude Monet.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Maastricht in Summer

Sunny Wyck, Maastricht. Acrylic on mdf, 43x40cm.

Paterspoortje, Maastricht. Acrylic on mdf, 30x40cm

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Autumn in Amsterdam

Autumn in Amsterdam. Oil on mdf, 30x40cm

Daar in bronsgroen eikenhout, nachtegaaltje zingt...

"There in bronze green oak wood, little nightingale sings.", Limburg (The Netherlands). There where my cradle stood in 1965. Acrylic on mdf, 30x40cm


Poplars and mistletoe along the Geul river, Heimansgroeve, Cottessen (The Netherlands). Oil on mdf, 40x30cm

VOC De Rooswijk

VOC De Rooswijk in trouble. On 9 January 1740, during its second journey to the east, it sank on the sand bank of Goodwin Sands, about 8 km from the British mainland. Inspired on a 17th century painting. Oil on wood, 43x40cm

Autumn at Kinderdijk

Autumn at Kinderdijk (The Netherlands). Oil over acrylic on mdf, 50x40cm

P.G.C. Hajenius, Amsterdam

"Cigars Cigars!" Cigar specialist P.G.C. Hajenius along the Rokin in Amsterdam. Tobacconist since 1826. Acrylic on mdf 52x42cm.

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New Damrak, Amsterdam

"New Damrak in the morning", Amsterdam (Netherlands). Old acrylic work improved with a thin layer of oil paint, 50x40cm

Leidseplein, Amsterdam

"I have seen that red cloud before...", Leidseplein, Amsterdam. Oil on MDF, 50x40cm.

Bellet boomgaard, Cottessen

Autumn in the Bellet Orchard, Cottessen (the Netherlands). An orchard with high trunk fruit trees. Acrylic on mdf, 40x30cm

Saint Michel Bridge, Paris

Pont Saint Michel inspired by Matisse. Acrylic, 40x30cm

Kasteel Vliek, Ulestraten

The bathing house at Castle Vliek in Ulestraten (NL). Acrylic on panel, 50x40cm.

Union Nautique de Liège

Regatta time Union Nautique de Liège, Liège (B). Acrylic on panel, 50x40cm